Our Services

At MMK Contractors we enjoy the extensive experience we have gained through the execution of many projects in the areas of: infrastructure for all construction projects, roads, educational institution buildings, residential and commercial buildings, electromechanical works, water and sewage networks, water treatment plants, military projects, gardens and improvement of cities. We have expanded our field of work to include the execution of the highest quality construction projects, where the stages of work begin with a feasibility study for the project and the initial design development, followed by the detailed design and construction process and construction work and then the phase ends with the construction work after that of maintenance and operating, including government buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, educational institutions


We transform maps and drawings into reality that customer touches and is pleased with, we carry out construction work for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We also design and implement interior decoration works.



Studying of theoretical analyses and designs for all types of enterprises, taking into consideration all the static and dynamic influences and their relationship to all the environment effects from winds, earthquakes and the different weather conditions.



The necessary physical and organizational constructions to operate the community or businesses, such as water and sewage networks, wastewater treatment, airports and railways.



The most important roads are those which accommodate the largest number of vehicles, vans and services, as they connect large communities to each other.